Custom Football Kits

Custom Football Kit by Ultimate Teamwear

We manufacture completely custom football kits; football jerseys, shorts and full team kits; to the highest quality. All our kits are completely custom to your design, using the latest printing technologies, enabling us to produce designs only limited by your imagination. 

You can design your kit exactly how you want it to look, we don’t change our kits every season so you have to buy more. No longer will you need to buy another style every year as the brand you bought have made a change to the design. 

Your kit is designed and manufactured to your specification. 

Contact us today to speak to one of our specialist kit advisors.

Our team can help you choose the right club shirts, club training accessories including socks, jackets even bags can be made to compliment your bespoke kit. 

What are the benefits of our custom football kits?

We utilise sublimation print technology meaning we aren’t constrained by limited designs available off the shelf from the big sportswear brands. 

With the sublimation process we can print literally any design into the fabric. You could even have your Nan's face, if you so choose!  

The technology has been around for some time but hasn’t really been adopted within Football fully, as of yet. 

No need to change kit design every year

With the existing kits you are dictated to by the manufacturers and when they want to change the designs each season. With Ultimate Teamwear manufacturing your football kits you can decide when you want to change your kits rather than the manufacturer forcing changes on you every season. 

We can produce the same design kit year in year out for you club and team. Just imagine not having to change your kit design each season to keep up with what's available. 

Our custom football kit is developed and designed how you want it. Manufactured in a similar lead time to normal kit production and will be with you for however long you want it in the club.