Custom Triathlon Kit

Custom Triathlon Kit by Ultimate Teamwear

Triathlon; it can be a brutal sport that you need to be prepared for and your body needs to be in the right shape. So why would your kit need to be any different? 

You can't settle for second best when it comes to your custom triathlon kit. It has to be able to stand up to the demands of the swim, bike and run stages of whichever distance triathlon you're taking part in. 

We provide kit to clubs and groups throughout the UK and across the world. 

When a sport takes up 3 disciplines without changing your kit needs to be of enough quality to endure the challenge. 

As sports fans ourselves, we have ran, swam and cycled through our fair share of triathlons, so we understand the obstacles that an athlete can encounter.

We pride ourselves on producing custom triathlon suits that are so comfortable and versatile that you’ll feel natural and liberated while wearing them, maximising your performance so that you can keep improving your best time.

When you make contact with us, we can help design your perfect kit. You can choose from an existing design which will then be tailored to you or our design team can provide a full bespoke design based on your requirements. 

We only use fabrics within our products that have been designed with the specific requirements in mind for a sport like triathlon. The fabric also helps with the size and fit of our tri product range as they're are inherently stretchy and fit the body perfectly. 

We even have the capability of creating your very own team shop online so you don't have to mess about getting all of your orders together. Whether it be Triathlon suits right through to club cycling kit we'll help you look the part next time you all head to the next triathlon race. 

Our custom triathlon kit range

One piece triathlon suit

Our one piece triathlon suit is made from top quality Italian fabric designed specifically with the sport of Triathlon in mind. 

When a single event involves swimming, cycling and running, the suit that you find yourself wearing can make all the difference. It has to be streamlined, lightweight; most of all, comfortable, minimising friction to maximise performance.

Two piece triathlon suit

Comprising of a Triathlon singlet and triathlon short it's the perfect suit for a longer distance triathlon if it's you preference to wear a 2 piece. 

Manufactured and developed to the same high specification of our one piece Tri suit you know you will have the best kit possible on the big race day.